E Ee Movie Review

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4.00/5 (1 Votes)

Movie Details

Cast: Neiraj Sham, Naira Shah etc.
Direction: Ram Ganpati Rao
Banner: Nawabala Creations
Producer: Lakshman Rao
Music: Krishna Chetan

Movie Rating

Director Rating (25 points): 15

Music Rating (25 points): 15

Artists Performance Rating (25 points): 15

Production & Other Technical Rating (25 points): 15

Total ( Out of Hundred ): 60 / 100 = 3.0 / 5

Movie Story

Sidhu (Neeraj Shyam) is an ordinary youngster who hates women. He works in a software company in Vizag. A new boss named Hasini (Nyra Shah) who hates men joins his office. And ever since she joins, Sidhu’s problems get even worse. Meanwhile, entire office mates go out for a tour where Sidhu and Hasini get into an argument. This lead Sidhu upset who wanders in the forest abusing women. A sage who hears his abuses curses him. What is the curse? How Sidhu reacts?

Movie Advantages
Engaging Screenplay
Family Emotions
Movie Drawbacks

Few Boring Scenes


Neeraj Shyam who played the lead role as a software employee is good. He was quite remarkable in emotional sequences. Nyra Shah is big asset of the film. The actress who looked gorgeous has played her role effortlessly. Other artists were okay.
E Ee is a decent family entertainer with all good emotions. Though we find few dragging episodes here and there in first half, second half was completely engaging. If director Ram Ganpati Rao had worked on first half, the result would be different completely. Amar’s camera work is neat, whereas Krishna Chetan’s music was middling. Editor Naresh Jonna should have chopped few tedious scenes in second half. Production values of Nawabala Creations are decent.
Movie Result: Hit
Movie Punchline (Movie Talk): Feel Good Entertainer

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