Sharwanand Radha Movie Review

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Movie Details

Cast: Sharwanand, Lavanya Tripathi, Aksha Pardasany, Ravi Kishan, Tanikella Bharani, Brahmaji, Shakalaka Shankar etc.
Direction: Chandra Mohan
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Music: Radhan

Movie Rating

Director Rating (25 points): 17.5

Music Rating (25 points): 12.5

Artists Performance Rating (25 points): 15

Production & Other Technical Rating (25 points): 15

Total ( Out of Hundred ): 60 / 100 = 3.5 / 5

Movie Story

Radha Krishna (Sharwanand) is a great devotee of Lord Sri Krishna from his childhood. He has a dream of becoming a police officer as he has an opinion that police are the real gods on earth. When he helps police officials to catch a rowdy batch escaping to other country, higher official appoints Krishna as Sub Inspector Of Police In a village in Warangal. Meanwhile, Krishna falls flat for a beautiful girl Radha (Lavanya Tripathi) and he starts wooing her. Radha too accepts his love later. Krishna is then transferred to a hazardous location in Hyderabad. A bomb blast and attack happens on next Chief Minister Candidate (Ravi Kishan) who actually designs the sketch to gain sympathy from public. Few police officers are killed in the incident. How Krishna deals with the issue is rest of the story…

Movie Advantages
 Lavanya Tripathi
 Hilarious Writing
 Camera Work
 Rich Production Standards
Movie Drawbacks

Regular Story


Artists Performances:

Sharwanand is the show stealer of the film. He provides entertainment from start to end. In fact, each and every sequence that Sharwa appeared in was hilarious. Director indeed penned the script based in Sharwanand’s character. He was energetic from start to end. Lavanya Tripathi was adorable. She is equally good in traditional as well as glamorous avatar. The starlet oozed some oomph in songs is a feast for mass fans. Ravi Kishan has played the role of an evil natured politician effortlessly. Aksha Pardasany who played a brief role has oozed some oomph. Shakalaka Shankar and Brahmaji provide some laughs. Tanikella Bharani was good in a brief role as Sharwa’s father. Other artists were okay.

Radha is not a unique or fresh film. It is a regular commercial and formulaic film. However, director Chandra Mohan made it look fresh with his writing and making. The way he designed Sharwanand’s character, we are assured amusement in all the sequences whenever Sharwa appears on screen. And Chandra Mohan has the knack of dealing commercial subjects. Apparently, he has opinion of there is less risk with formulaic cinema. Thus, he picked a regular story and included all commercial elements for all section of audiences. The director showed how much impact Lord Sri Krishna created on Sharwa in starting episodes which were portrayed captivatingly. The police training episodes were presented hilariously. In fact, the sequences materialized as entertaining because of Sharwa’s presence. Sharwa and Lavanya love track was not so fresh, but it was still enjoyable. Then, movie becomes a bit serious after Sharwa is shifted to Hyderabad where his subordinates are killed in a bomb blast, though there was merriment here and there. Good thing is the film has no fights, even during climax.

Radha is a complete commercial entertainer film. It has pleasing elements for all section of audiences. So, it will do wonders at box office.

Movie Result: Above Average
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