Suriya 24 Movie Review

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Movie Details

Cast: Suriya, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Ajay
Direction: Vikram Kumar
Banner: 2D Entertainment
Producer: Suriya
Music: AR Rahman
Release Date: May 6th 2016

Movie Rating

Director Rating (25 points): 17.5

Music Rating (25 points): 12.5

Artists Performance Rating (25 points): 15

Production & Other Technical Rating (25 points): 15

Total ( Out of Hundred ): 60 / 100 = 3 / 5

Movie Story

A scientist Shiva Kumar (Suriya) and an evil natured man Athreya (Suriya) are twin brothers. Athreya with help of his close aide Mithra (Ajay) kills Shiva and his wife Priya to grab a time-travel device (watch) invented by the scientist. Before he dies, Shiva hands over his son Mani and watch to a passenger Satyabhama (Saranya Mohan) in train. In the process, Athreya is severely injured.

26 years later, Mani (Suriya) becomes a watchmaker. Meanwhile, a paralyzed Athreya wakes up from coma and decides to find the watch; he hopes to go back to 1990 and save himself from the accident. In a series of incidents, Mani finds the watch and explores its powers. Using them, he manages to impress Satya (Samantha). 

Twist in the tail arrives when Athreya kills Mani to take hold of the watch. What happens next will form crux of the story?
Movie Advantages
- Story
- Freezing Sequences
- Rahman’s BGM
- Suriya
Movie Drawbacks
- Excess Of Drama in Second Half
- Loopholes In Script
- Songs


Artists Performance:

Suriya: He is definitely show-stealer with remarkable performance in three roles. But, his villainy acts as Athreya will be remembered for long time.

Samantha: She is adorable as usual. Her romantic chemistry with Suriya was rocking. She was equally stunning in both traditional as well as glamorous outfits.

Nithya Menon was good in a brief role. Ajay, Saranya Mohan, Girish Karnad etc. were also fine.


Vikram Kumar is one of the directors who hasn’t restricted himself in making one particular genre. 13B, Ishq and Manam are three different films and 24 is yet another masterpiece from the maker. However, the director should have worked more on second half, which was bit tedious. Unique thing in the concept of time-travel is time freezing. The sequence where Suriya freezes time while it was raining was feast for eyes.

Biggest drawback of the film is diverting story in the second half from main plot. The story shifts to narrating Saranya Mohan’s past. In addition when we expect some unexpected twists to happen, the story flow further deviates with sequences of Suriya is flirting Sam.

AR Rahman has provided wonderful background score, but his rendering of songs is not up to the mark. Tirru’s cinematography is one of the biggest assets. Prawn Pudi’s short cutting was perfect, but he should have chopped few sequences in second half. Production values of 2D Entertainment banner are top notch.

Box Office: 24 is purely for class and family audience. Mass audience may not connect with the concept. The movie is sure to do well in urban areas and overseas, but chances are very less in rural areas.
Movie Result: Above Average
Movie Punchline (Movie Talk): 2+4=Sixer!

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