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Movie Details

Cast: Gopichand, Rashi Khanna, Kabeer, Chalapathi Rao, Urvashi, Posani, Supreet etc 
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: Radha Krishna Kumar
Producer: Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod Uppalapati
Music: Ghibran
Camera: Shakthi Saravanan
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Movie Rating

Director Rating (25 points): 15

Music Rating (25 points): 15

Artists Performance Rating (25 points): 15

Production & Other Technical Rating (25 points): 15

Total ( Out of Hundred ): 60 / 100 = 3 / 5

Movie Story

Chota Nayak (Kabeer), Mumbai don and his gang is fishing for missing supporter Ranganath (Brahmaji) escaped with thousand Crores. Ranganatha hides in Hyderabad. Here is a powerful and honest fire officer Jai (Gopichand) living with happy family (Chalapathi Rao, Urvashi) in company of girlfriend Savitri (Rashi Khanna) crosses with Ranganath at a hotel fire accident. In last seconds of life, Ranganath shares a secret about thousand crores with Jai. To draw this currency back into his account, Chota Nayak plays a lethal game of life with Jai. Who won and who lost?

Movie Advantages
1. Gopichand Look
2. Rashi Khanna Glamour
3. Shakti Saravanan Cinematography
4. Ghibran Music
5. UV Production Values
6. Action Episodes
Movie Drawbacks
1. Predictable Story
2. Dragged Second Half
3. Frail Climax
4. No Comedy


Gopichand is on a roll with breakthrough film Loukyam. He recommended Radha Krishna Kumar to UV Creations for Jil. Let’s see how great is Jil Swing?

Gopichand is a fire officer falls in love at first sight with Rashi Khanna during a rescue operation. Gopichand family and friends support the romance track with lovely, cute and fun episodes. Time passes till here without hiccough. Underworld mafia leader Kabeer from Mumbai is the main thread in pursuit of his missing thousand Crores chases for Brahmaji. Introduction of Kabeer is quite compelling and so are the following episodes.

Brahmaji is killed in a fire accident sharing information of thousand Crores with Gopichand. A powerful antagonist cannot leave the chase easily gets hold off weakness in hero by kidnapping and killing his family, friends. Stunts composed in this area are breathtaking. Shakti Saravanan camerawork is of highest quality. Story weakens in second half with dull and weakness scaling in narration. 

Artists Performance:
Gopichand: He had a stylish look. Well done in action scenes and showed unique dressing style.
Rashi Khanna: Shared the lip kisses in glamorous and skimpy look. 
Kabeer: Dreadful villain added the force to film.
Posani, Prabhas Sreenu comedy is sporadic. Bharath, Avasarala Srinivas are fine as friends in fire department. Chalapathi Rao, Urvashi good in family’s feel good and sentiment based emotions. Brahmaji, Supreet etc are the others to recognize. 

Technical Performance:
Radha Krishna Kumar is a charming director with strong technical grip. His story is weak and scripting is mediocre. He could pull in a lavish budget from UV Creations and also wonderful technical team, casting. Radha is the new director to look after for good films in future. He also showed promising writing skills. 
Shakti Saravannan seized the exotic locations of Europe and Australia. His work in capturing the action episodes needed a special mention. Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao editing work is average.     
Ghibran music is biggest plus. He delivered courage into heroism with a sterling background. Songs are wonderfully composed and captured with same flavor on the screen. UV creations spent awesome budget.
Movie Result: Average to Above Average
Movie Punchline (Movie Talk): Loaded With Style

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