TV Actress Sravani Caught Prostitution

TV Actress Sravani Caught Prostitution
Wed, Oct 2 2013 03:59 pm

Telugu Television serials ‘Himabindu’ and ‘Laya’ actress Sravani is caught red handed in a prostitution sex scandal at Madhapur. Task Force Police conducted raids on Fortune Towers and Sravani was caught along with a businessman Sanjan Kumar Gonenka, co owner of Jayaraj Steel.

Police have seized Rs. 2 lakh from spot- one lakh from Sravani and one lakh from Goenka. As per police, one lakh grabbed from Sravani was deal money from Goenka. Mediator Madan who brokered the deal has escaped. Police also revealed that, Madan is doing brothel business with few other TV serial artists.

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