Samantha Real Love to Pawan Kalyan

Samantha Real Love to Pawan Kalyan
Sun, Jul 14 2013 08:16 pm

Chemistry on the screen also requires a bit of off the screen rapport. Generally, Pawan Kalyan is perceived by industry people and outsiders as a moody hero who just goes off with his own work without fingering or involving into others issues. But, there is also a hidden intellect behind Power Star and only few who go near to him will understand the theory and philosophy which drives his life style. Initially, Renu Desai was the one and now days, Samantha is also heard to be of belonging to the same group.

Before joining the shoot of ‘Atharintiki Daaredi,’ barely Samanta knows nothing about Pawan Kalyan. Once they mingled up in foreign schedules, she enjoyed the time thoroughly and also understood few valuable facts about life. Then Samantha developed a deep bond of real love and affective connection with Pawan. This is what the above pic explains. 

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